Approximately 155,000 Federal Public Service workers will be headed to the picket lines this morning.

What does that mean for your immigration to Canada? All online services will continue to be available which means you will still be able to submit an application to come to Canada or extend your stay in Canada if you are already here.

However, you will notice longer than normal processing times, delays to citizenship ceremonies, delays to any in person meetings, and disruptions or delays in contacting IRCC.

It is essential that you continue to submit any required information or documents to IRCC as requested by the submission due date to avoid any application complications once they are back to normal processing. And, if you are currently in Canada and your current status is about to expire, you must submit your application for extension prior to the expiry of your current permit.

For new Canadians, you may also face delays in obtaining your first Canadian passport.

If you are currently in Canada, this strike also affects workers of Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and your tax return filing (as well as any returns) may be affected.

Here is a full list of all disruptions to government services.


We are here to support you on your immigration journey to Canada and will continue to assist you with you immigration inquiries and applications.